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SNTP Client

SNTP Client is a Simple Network Time Protocol client which polls internet time servers to get the most up to date time. Internet time servers use a variety of sources for setting their clocks, such as atomic clocks, GPS, and other internet time servers. SNTP Client implements the NTP protocol as defined by RFC 1305.

NOTE: If your offset is 15 seconds, your phone is set to GPS time. GPS time began on January 6th, 1980 at midnight UTC. Unlike UTC, GPS does not insert leap-seconds. There have been 15 leap-seconds since GPS time began, so UTC now lags GPS time by 15 seconds.



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Future enhancements:

Change Log:

Version 0.2.0
Dec 12, 2009
  • Added settings menu to allow for setting the NTP server address and port, as well as the polling interval.
  • Implemented fix to, hopefully, resolved the black screen issue
Version 0.1.1
Nov 27, 2009
  • Changed how the DNS lookup is performed.
Version 0.1.0
Nov 26, 2009
  • Initial release